Bringing innovation, wherever it may be

SSR Connect Limited (Uganda) was founded in 2018 and constitutes a pioneering, independent, private company of consulting services in the sectors of technological innovation, and Green energy.
Innovation is the successful exploitation of new ideas. These ideas improve the way we do things and the things we make: the things that allow a nation or business to remain competitive. Some ideas are small and iterative; others can create an entire paradigm shift. Evidence shows that businesses that have the awareness to continually create, evaluate and successfully exploit their new ideas are more likely to survive and prosper in the competitive global economy.
Innovative businesses benefit the economy: delivering added value; high quality jobs; successful business; better products and services for customers; and new, more environmentally friendly, processes.
In order to deliver the Government's overall ambition for wealth creation and productivity growth, sustained business investment SSR Connect is bringing and implementing necessary innovative projects in Uganda.
For its part, the Government is investing in the Uganda science base and interventions that support and encourage innovations.

Our Vision

The growth and the operation of the company are found in the basic corporate principle: “quality, effectiveness and adaptability to the needs of market and technological evolutions”


The maximization of the value and the performance of our customers and our continuous improvement constitute the core of our philosophy, ensuring the constant ascending course of the firm.


Our aim is to build an organization with a clear view and strategy that will constantly look ahead and keep operating at the forefront of technology developments and to be innovative, knowledge-based firm