Our Vision

The growth and the operation of the company are found in the basic corporate principle: “quality, effectiveness and adaptability to the needs of market and technological evolutions”.

Our Mision

  1. Our Mission is to be the most successful consulting firm, abiding by our principles that consist of the Knowledge, the Effectiveness, the Reliability and the Integrity. Knowledge for us means: application of most modern technology for the development of pioneering services, optimal quality and capability of flexible adaptation and development of each need of customer.
  2. The maximization of the value and the performance of our customers and our continuous improvement constitute the core of our philosophy, ensuring the constant ascending course of the firm.
  3. The optimized quality of our provided services, their continuous monitoring and follow-up, the faculty of comprehension of the requirements and the needs of our customers, the specialization and the know-how of our staff and the constant expansion of our activities abroad serve us and strengthen our mission and our vision.


Our aim is to build an organization with a clear view and strategy that will constantly look ahead and keep operating at the forefront of technology developments and to be innovative, knowledge-based firm. Our vision of knowledge and innovation is people-oriented, as the protagonists are the people who research, and innovate to create solutions.

  1. Business goals & objectives
    Looking at the future, we are highly confident that SSR CONNECT has the strong background and the appropriate vision but also the flexibility that will allow it to continue its development and face the challenges of the new era. By Participating in an international environment, mainly characterized by market globalization and intensive competitiveness, SSR is paving its own path with a clear strategy for the future
  2. Growth strategy
    The utilization of accumulated expertise, know-how and the dynamics of its partnerships, will allow the company to positively respond to the challenges of our times and provide expert, state of the art solutions that lead straight to the point of its customer needs.
  3. Quality policy
    The company ensures the quality of the provided services applying an integrated system of quality and implements the undertaken projects with modern administration methods.