Welcome To SSR connect

SSR Connect Limited (Uganda) was founded in 2018 and constitutes a pioneering, independent, private company of consulting services in the sectors of technological innovation, and Green energy.

Innovation is the successful exploitation of new ideas. These ideas improve the way we do things and the things we make: the things that allow a nation or business to remain competitive. Some ideas are small and iterative; others can create an entire paradigm shift. Evidence shows that businesses that have the awareness to continually create, evaluate and successfully exploit their new ideas are more likely to survive and prosper in the competitive global economy.


Roads throughout the world often suffer from deterioration, especially during and after rainy seasons. Since maintenance is often cost intensive, many roads are not well maintained and therefore hard to drive on.
A robust security designed and developed with state of art tech stacks to automate security structures, investigations,analysis and reporting
SSR Connect is the regional representative for BOS AG mandated a German-based company that develops and distributes smart hybrid energy storage solutions and off-grid technology.